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Monthly Open Days for smaller makers and hobby craft 

We hold "Retail Rummage" Open Days
on the last Friday and Saturday of most months
Upcoming dates below-

Our retail open days are a great opportunity to explore the wider variety of

UK grown hardwood and softwood timbers

If you're looking for a specific piece to use in an interior project, some stock for furniture and other projects, woodturning blanks, or just wanting to experiment with something a little different, please come along.

We have individual boards from small scale to large slabs, we also have project packs of small, mixed size boards, usually costing from £40 to £100.

There's also a large crate of mixed offcut sections for digging into, priced at £4 each or £10 for 3 pieces.

There's always a large selection of useful chunky boards for shelving, desktops, benches, coat racks, window sills as well as bar and table tops. In fact, we specifically cut lower grade urban softwoods at the same thickness as scaffold planks, just to carry out those interesting knotty projects that reclaimed timber is often used for.

For external use, we often have cladding and tree stakes available, as well as rustic slabwood for cladding treehouses, cabins, and compost bins.


For the fans of reclamation and upcycling, there's a section of reclaimed timber items, slate, metalwork, glass, and a few older unfinished projects at discounted prices that need some refurbishment. 


Species to hand often include:
-Oak -Beech -Ash -Larch -Cypress -Norway or Field Maple -Yew -Walnut -Douglas Fir

-Sequoia (Giant Redwood) -Elm -Sweet Chestnut -Pear -Lime -Cedar (Western Red & Lebanon) -Burr timber -Spalted timber

Some of our Retail Stock

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