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Woodland Services


Mobile Sawmills are one of the best and most satisfying ways to wisely use trees on the property that you own or manage.

We can safely produce useful, beautiful and valuable timber at your site, in a way that makes economic and environmental sense, especially with current inflationary and supply pressures.


Our Wood Mizer mill is digitally controlled, and with a skilled operator it produces extremely accurate timber that is well within commercial requirements for straightness and thickness, allowing joiners and carpenters further down the line to work more efficiently and more rapidly.

On smaller jobs we charge on an hourly/daily basis, though on large scale contract jobs we can offer a price on a volume production basis.

You are welcome to provide your own labour to help load/unload logs and sawn material, or we can provide skilled, certificated, experienced help.

If you have mechanical log handling equipment on site, it is helpful to speed things along, but on a level site with small to medium sized logs it isn't 100% required. The mill is self loading from ground level, and we have the expertise and equipment to handle sensible forestry type sawlogs manually.

 In some cases it will make sense for us to supply our loader tractor as part of the milling and timber handling process, the tractor comes equipped with a powered winch and a variety of grabs for safely and efficiently moving logs with minimal mess and disruption.

Anything from small battens and cladding, all the way up to large structural beams and complete timber frames can be milled on site, please get in touch to discuss potential projects and requirements.

Although we usually stay close to home in Sussex, we have worked as far afield as South Wales, Derbyshire, and Devon, so (within reason) distance is no object.


Despite spending the majority of time operating and working around the sawmill, we do also carry out woodland management work locally.

We're especially interested in working on long term objectives in mixed woodlands that can produce a variety of products. If you have overstood (older oversize) Sweet Chestnut coppice, mature mixed softwoods (including Larch, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Western Hemlock, Grand Fir) and you're not a million miles fro Horsham, then we'd be interested in working with you.

If you own or manage one of the many woodlands in the South East that has not seen any work in decades, we'd also be interested in looking at opening up ride access, firewood thinning of mixed species to select better stems for future growth, thinning of Oak plantations as well as Ash removal and general maintenance and planting.

  For heavier or specialised operations, we work with other skilled local contractors, and we're also happy to look at grant funding opportunities, and to work through felling licence applications.

Well planned, careful work that operates within the UK's legal forestry framework will always benefit the long term tree stock in a woodland, as well as having huge ecological benefits in terms of varied habitats in the shrub and understorey layers, and it usually improves biodiversity in invertebrate, plant and bird life as a fantastic bonus.

Management jobs-

Tree Planting and Guarding

Maintenance of trackways & hard standing areas

Tree Thinning, Felling, and Coppicing


Timber Movement and Extraction

Roundwood Timber Sales of sawlogs & firewood

Hedge Laying & Fencing Works

Fencing, Gate, Culvert & Bridge construction

Storage, Camping & Teaching structures built

Deer Management


We offer a log splitting and firewood cutting service, currently based around a powerful splitter mounted on a compact tractor.

This can be operated in reasonably sized gardens, as well as farmland and woodland, and is a useful way to deal with stormblown trees and limb sections that aren't suitable for the sawmill.

Please call to discuss options.


We've been fortunate to work with the following conservation bodies and landowners among many others over the years:

Knepp Castle Estate Rewilding

Wiston Estate

Leconfield Estate, Petworth

Duke of Norfolk Estate, Arundel

Balcombe Estate, Haywards Heath

Crown Estates, Windsor

People's Trust for Endangered Species

Sussex Wildlife Trust

Surrey Wildlife Trust

Andover Trees United

Forestry Commission, Alice Holt

National Trust Polesden Lacey

National Trust Bookham and Ranmore

National Trust Leith Hill

National Trust Nymans

National Trust Standen

National Trust Blackdown

Weald & Downland Living Museum, Singleton

Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre

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